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"Nobody can do everything but everyone can do something"

Food for Life volunteers give more that little something and combined all of you help Food for Life accomplish a little bit of everything. The Food for Life volunteers drive, collect, pack, co-ordinate, weigh, lift, carry, load, deliver, fundraise, network, direct and donate.

We are always looking for individuals who have a heart to help. You can help in a variety of ways:

Cobs Bread/Bakery Volunteers

  • Volunteers help with food pick-up once a week
  • Volunteers pack unsold bread at Cobs Bread (Lakeshore Rd. & Thomas St. in downtown Oakville or at the new Upper Middle/8th line location)
  • Volunteers deliver it to our storage facility located at 111 Prince Charles Drive

The job is completed in approximately an hour from 6:50-7:50 pm Monday through Saturday, 5:50-6:50 pm Sunday at the Lakeshore location and 7:50-8:50 pm Sundays through Saturdays at the 8th Line location.

Volunteers need a car and the current need is for drivers who can take responsibility for one night per week or two nights per month.

Food for Life provides on the job training.

Volunteer Drivers

Food for Life needs volunteer drivers for the Food for Life truck, mainly for weekends.

Volunteer drivers pick-up and deliver food to community organizations and needy families, usually about 1,500 pounds per day

If you are interested, you need to provide a drivers' abstract (the cost is reimbursed) and you need to be able to lift and carry cartons of food which occasionally may weigh as much as 60 pounds.

Food for Life needs volunteer drivers for Saturday mornings for 4-5 hours.

Food for Life provides on the job training, accompanying our full-time driver or experienced volunteer.
Volunteer drivers indicate their availability at the start of each month, so you can choose a specific number of hours/days that suits your schedule.
You can also choose to work with a buddy, which makes the work day shorter and more enjoyable.

Volunteer Driver Assistants

  • assist with loading and unloading food from vehicle
  • assist with packing or re-packing food in containers or bags
  • weighing containers of food
  • we offer student volunteer credit hours

Special Events

Special events are an important part of Food for Life - they help raise money and increase our profile in the community. Volunteers are always needed to help with these events, which are usually one-day activities within Halton Region.

Volunteer Signup

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