Food For Life Is Looking for Dairy Partners

Food For Life Is Looking for Dairy Partners

Since our inception in 1995, Food for Life has rescued over 26 million pounds of food by collecting surplus perishable food, including dairy. With its many health benefits, distributing dairy products to friends and neighbours who are experiencing food insecurity is part of our belief that GOOD food BUILDS community.

Food for Life is currently looking for these dairy and dairy substitute products:


Products Needed:

Preferred Quantity:

Dairy substitute tetrapaks (almond milk, oat milk, soy milk)

1,000 units per week

Small format milks, 1L or less. Preferably cartons or plastic bottles/jugs

1L units: 3,000 per week

500ml units: 5,000 per week

Retail-sized cheese

3,000 units per month

Flavoured yogourt (700 grams for our family bags, 500 grams or less for our seniors, or the individual cups for both)

500-700 grams: 3,000 units per week

Individual cups: 3,000 six packs per week.

Sour cream (500 grams)

3,000 units per month

Cottage cheese (500 gram or less)

3,000 units per month

In order to provide the best quality food to our friends and neighbours as possible, we would prefer a minimum of two weeks left on the Best Before date before receiving it.

Food for Life is happy to arrange pick-up for donated items. We have refrigerated trucks and are fast to respond to pick-up of short-life products. We have refrigerated trucks with space for a maximum of 12 pallets for each trip. We can also hire 3PL if it makes sense to do so.

Food for Life will pick up 200 lbs locally (Burlington, Oakville, Hamilton, Milton, and Halton Hills). If outside of these regions, our refrigerated vans will collect donations of more than 500 lbs.

Food for Life does not enter formal food donor agreements. Donations either get set-up on a recurring pickup schedule with us (i.e. every Tuesday), or we producers simply email or call when they have product to donate. To ensure consistency, a set schedule is ideal.

Food for Life partners with those in the food industry who are passionate about helping the community and reducing food waste. We rarely say no to a product. If we can’t accommodate a donation, we will help to broker their food to other community partners, ensuring it reaches friends and neighbours who need it.

By donating to Food for Life, donors save on waste disposal costs, help build their community-investment portfolio and/or environmental initiatives. If donors are a first producer/farmer, Food for Life can provide a tax receipt which will give them 25% of the fair market value of the product back.

Food for Life is happy to recognize contributions through thank you letters and on our social media channels if desired.

For more information on being a dairy partner or to get involved in Food for Life
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