Building Long-Lasting Partnerships with Food Donors

Every year, Food for Life rescues and distributes millions of pounds of rescued food, ensuring that it ends up on the tables of those who need it most. But where does rescued food come from? Much of it comes from long-lasting partnerships forged with food donors in the Halton Region, and beyond, who believe in our mission.

Food for Life collects fruits, vegetables, meat, dairy, bread, and non-perishable food. We offer food donors — including farms, large-scale food producers, restaurants, and grocery stores — a reliable pick-up service without waste management expenses or transportation costs. Products are handled, stored, and shipped with care to ensure the integrity and safety of the product. None of this could happen without the food donors who make this possible.

One of these donors is Tregunno Fruit Farms. Located in Niagara-On-The-Lake, the 700-acre farm is the largest peach grower in Ontario. It’s also Food for Life’s largest farm donor. Since we established the relationship in 2015, Tregunno Fruit Farms has been donating nine to twelve pallets of peaches and nectarines to Food for Life weekly each summer.

“It’s a great partnership! It ensures that we always have a consistent supply of fruit for people we are serving in the summer months.”

“It’s a great partnership!” says Melissa Bain, Director of Operations at Food for Life. “It ensures that we always have a consistent supply of fruit for people we are serving in the summer months.” It’s also a picturesque drive along the Niagara Parkway that our drivers look forward to each year.

Each summer, surplus peaches and nectarines procured from Tregunno are distributed through Food for Life’s neighbourhood and community food programs and are placed in food bags. They’re also shared with other organizations that offer food support to clients, including Community Care, a St. Catharines not-for-profit that provides vital services and assistance to individuals and families.

“We pretty much share with anyone and everyone!” says Bain.

Food for Life’s relationship with Tregunno Fruit Farms, and large-scale farms like it, is mutually beneficial. Not only do we receive the produce required for our programs and services to thrive, farmers gain access to tax credits for fair market value of the goods they’ve donated.

The work we do wouldn’t be possible without our incredible food donors. To see a complete list of them, visit

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