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Offer your employees a 2–3 hour fun and engaging team-building activity

The Team Experience Program offers your employees a 2–3-hour fun and engaging team-building activity focused on rescuing food and impacting lives. Food for Life offers a turn-key experience with an on-site tour of our warehouse and operations, education on the power of rescued food and the opportunity to bring your employees together in a meaningful way – helping people and the planet.

This is a great chance to boost your employee engagement program, execute your CSR initiatives and demonstrate your support for the community to your clients and customers.

Thinking this would be a GOOD fit for your company — Contact Meaghan at for details and to reserve your spot.


What days and times are available to book my team?

Food for Life hosts teams Wednesdays and Thursdays, with a morning shift and afternoon shift on each day. Alternative days and times can be arranged to suit your business.

Where do the Team Experiences take place?

Team experiences take place at the Food for Life warehouse located at 2258 Mountainside Drive in Burlington, Ontario. We have free on-site parking. 

What will my team do during the Team Experience?

Food for Life is the largest food rescue agency in the Region. Your team will help sort and pack GOOD, surplus food like fruits and vegetables to get ready to be shared with neighbours and other community agencies across Halton, Hamilton and beyond.  

Is there a cost to participate?

Your donation to Food for Life goes a long way to help people in our community. For every $10 donation Food for Life can provide $62.50 worth of food to a household.

As there are direct costs with organizing a team experience such as staff time, supplies, and moving food within our community, we suggest your organization considers donating to Food for Life. Typically, a minimum donation of $500 covers a group of 8-12 people and $1,000 covers up to 20 people. The cost for larger groups can be discussed and Food for Life will provide additional information to show the specific impact of your financial support.

Is there a minimum or a maximum number of people needed to book?
The optimal number for a team experience is 8-20.  Please contact Meaghan at for details.

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