Food For Life
Food For Life

Strategic Plan

Impact, Resourcefulness, Efficiency

2023 will see a continued focus on serving friends and neighbours who turn to us for assistance – while deepening our impact to help positively move people  toward true food security


Through our resourcefulness in using GOOD surplus food from all parts of the food supply chain and ensuring edible food supports people and inedible food and its packaging is diverted from landfill.

Efficiently ensuring that all dollars invested have a maximum impact while supporting a healthy staff, volunteers, and a GOOD food distribution system.


$2.6 million in funding from inspired individuals, companies, community groups, foundations, and the government will help us to do this GOOD.  We leverage these investments to have an impact of more than $15 million in GOOD food that makes its way into homes across Halton and Hamilton.

That’s Impact, Resourcefulness and Efficiency in action.

Be there for People and the Planet.  Join the Circle of GOOD!

Strategic Planning 2023 and beyond

With our current Strategic Plan coming to an end, we start our process of building our new vision for the impact of Food for Life to enhance our service today while exploring ways to improve our impact tomorrow – both for people and the planet.

We will be an active leader in the Halton Region Food Action Table as we all work to enhance food support in the Region to address needs that emerged from the pandemic and the economy.  We will continue to further our research and ability to use GOOD surplus rescued food as a tool to improve economic and health outcomes for individuals living with financial, or other life challenges.

We will turn our focus inwards and continue to strive to improve our sustainable practices, and together we will continue to engage and inspire people to join our movement and bring their time and talents to the table to be a part of the Circle of GOOD that has been building over the past 28 years we have been serving.

Be there for People and the Planet.
Join the Circle of GOOD!

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