Jennifer Shares Her Story

The day I realized I needed the help of a food program, I was full of shame. I wracked my brain for an alternative — surely there was some other cost-saving method I hadn’t considered? There wasn’t.

I had to stop working at my job in a bank for my own health as well as that of my children. Two of my four children have autism, and a third has physical health issues that have put her in hospital several times. They need a lot of care and attention and proper nourishment.

My husband works full time, but without my income, we had to reduce our expenses as much as we could. And it still wasn’t enough. Our health-related expenses overwhelm his salary. All prices have been rising, making it even harder to provide for all of our family’s needs — especially when it comes to fresh nutritious food.

That’s what brought me to the Food for Life program. There, I found a welcoming community and GOOD food — the fruits, vegetables and meats that are essential for my growing children and their health needs, and I was encouraged to take what I needed. That’s what has kept me going back each week.

When people support Food for Life, they are helping families like mine. Donations ensure that fresh, healthy food nourishes children, adults and seniors.

One of my family’s favourite meals on Tuesdays — after I visit what our kids call my ‘Food Group’ — are tacos. I can usually count on getting ground beef and green or red pepper. The tacos are delicious and nutritious and bring joy to our dinner table.

I’m so grateful to Food for Life that I now volunteer at the program, helping others access the nutritious GOOD food that they need. After I take my younger children to school, I help with set-up, assist others as they pick out their choices of fresh and frozen food, then clean up at the end.

Although volunteers and grocery partners contribute freely to Food for Life, there are costs to transport, refrigerate and store the food, as well as to operate the many GOOD food programs across Halton and Hamilton — and that’s where your generous donations help.

I don’t know what we would do without access to this nutritious food. My family is proof that every donation makes an impact. Every dollar helps.

I am so grateful to everyone who supports families like mine through Food for Life.



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Every $10 in donations provides $62.50 of GOOD food to individuals, families and seniors in our community.

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