This packing role is mission-critical, so we do want to ensure we have the volunteer power to make it happen each week.

We will continue to follow COVID screening guidelines with anyone who comes into our warehouse to ensure the safety of everyone packing and working here. We also follow social distancing guidelines.

We have made a schedule starting in September, so if there is a steady shift or individual shifts you are looking to book for certain weeks – we are happy to fill the schedule accordingly. The minimum age for our volunteers is 14, or 12 if accompanied by an adult. We are also able to give volunteer hours to anyone who comes into a volunteer. We can do a letter or fill in a form – whatever works for you, works for us. Each shift we are looking for 5-7 volunteers.

There are two shifts each day with the hours being:
AM SHIFT: 9:30am – 12:30pm
PM SHIFT: 1-3:30pm
EVENING SHIFT: 4:00-6:00pm

We will continue to follow this schedule:
Monday AM

Monday PM
Tuesday AM
Tuesday PM
Wednesday AM
Wednesday PM
Thursday AM

Please let me know what dates and shifts you want to come in for.

If you have not packed with us, here are some other details that you may find helpful:

Location: 2258 Mountainside Drive, Burlington

Parking: You can park in front of the warehouse. If there are no spots out front, please use FAITH Church’s parking lot across the street.

Attire: Please dress comfortably, layers are best. You must wear closed toed shoes – no flip flops or sandals are permitted in the warehouse. Shorts are permitted.

Gloves and Masks: Gloves and masks are mandatory. You are welcome to bring your own, but we can also provide these for you.

Water: We do not always have water available in the warehouse, so please bring a water bottle with you.

Screening: Please complete the COVID screening before coming to the warehouse. EMILY WILL BE ASKING YOU IF YOU HAVE PASSED. If you have not passed, please do not come to the warehouse to pack, and please email me to let me know you are unable to come in at this time. If possibly please do this survey a few days prior to coming in, so you understand the types of questions being asked.

If interested please email