Partners in Our Journey of GOOD

We like to think that the food we rescue is on a journey of GOOD. Whether it comes from a farm, a wholesaler, a grocery store, or a restaurant, we ensure that it arrives on the plates of friends and neighbours who need it most.


What is the journey of GOOD and who powers it?

Food for Life rescues good surplus food from many parts of the supply chain, including farms, food producers, grocery stores, and restaurants.

We collect fruits, vegetables, meat, dairy, bread and non-perishable food. We also provide a reliable pick up service for donated food, reducing a major barrier most donors face when hoping to donate surplus food. Each year, our fleet of refrigerated trucks drive more than 100,000 kilometres to move surplus food across the communities we serve.

The journey of GOOD is made possible by dozens of community partnerships, approximately 800 volunteers, a dedicated team of 22 full-time staff, and donors and funders who believe in Food for Life’s mission and vision.


Food Donors

Our longevity is made possible by long-lasting partnerships forged with food donors in Halton, Hamilton, Niagara, and beyond. We want to tell you about just a few of them!

To see a list of our remarkable food donors, visit:

One of our long-time partners is Fortinos. You may have even seen us there in the past, especially during our annual Turkey Drive. Each year, for more than a decade, we’ve partnered with local Fortinos, urging customers to add a turkey to their shopping carts for friends and neighbours in Halton and Hamilton. However, our partnership doesn’t end there. Fortinos has also supported other Food for Life initiatives, including the GOOD Soup Project.

Another important partnership is with Whole Foods Market. You can read about it in our latest issue of Fresh News.


Farm Donors

We’re lucky in Hamilton and Halton to live within, or be close to, some of Ontario’s most diverse and abundant agricultural areas. However, not everybody is granted equal access to GOOD nutritious food. One of our goals is to connect farmers to people who face barriers to food, including poverty, accessibility, and isolation.

Food for Life’s largest farm donor is Tregunno Fruit Farms, located in Niagara-on-the-Lake. Since 2015, it has been donating nine to twelve pallets of peaches and nectarines to Food for Life weekly each summer.


Food Sharing Partners

An important part of the journey of GOOD is distributing the food that we rescue. That is made possible thanks to relationships with food sharing partners, including food banks and other like-minded not-for-profit organizations who serve people who are food insecure. You can read a list of them here.

The work of these food sharing partners is more important than ever as the cost of food and living continues to rise, and a lack of affordable housing makes it more difficult for friends and neighbours to make ends meet.

Together, we leverage every resource available to work toward our vision for everyone to have access to healthy food.



Our work would also not be possible without our corporate and granting partners, including the Sprott Foundation. The Sprott Foundation is dedicated to addressing homelessness and hunger in Canada, supporting initiatives that enable self-sufficiency and dignity for those in need.

Currently, the Sprott Foundation is matching all donations made to our spring appeal, up to $80,000. Each $1.00 dollar donated helps us rescued and share $7.00 of GOOD food to neighbours


And You!

One of our most important partnerships is with people like you! Food for Life is made possible by those who take time out of their busy schedules to volunteer in many roles, including as program volunteers, fresh food packers, and volunteer drivers.

We’re also powered by donations made by people in the community who allow us to support more than 100 programs across Halton and Hamilton and keep innovating with programs including our Integrated Market and GOOD food fridges.

Together we impact the lives of more than 18,000 people each month.

We truly believe that the GOOD we do is because of YOU!

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