Wonder what it’s like to volunteer at Food for Life?

Meet Bob!

Reducing surplus food and diverting it from landfill is an important part of our mission here at Food for Life. So, how do we do it?

Let us introduce you to our amazing volunteer, Bob Morley!

Bob began volunteering at Food for Life in January 2020, sharing his time 3-4 times per week, sorting food at our Mountainside Drive warehouse. When drivers arrive with skids of donated food from grocery stores, Bob gets to work. He examines all packages of prepared food, fresh produce, and dairy, discarding any bad or inedible food into the green bin. He sorts and prepares packaging for recycling. Sorted edible food then moves to our inventory or is immediately distributed at the Mountainside Market, ensuring that our friends and neighbours have access to GOOD, nutritious food.

Meticulous, caring, and always looking to do more, Bob is an integral member of the Food for Life team. He’s also an incredible leader who guides groups of volunteers through the sorting process with great precision. Most importantly, he also looks out for his own neighbours in his Burlington neighbourhood, occasionally packing and bringing fresh food to those he knows are struggling with food insecurity. He’s even grown his own garlic that he donated to Food for Life.

The GOOD we do at Food for Life is made possible by the commitment of passionate volunteers—like Bob! To learn more about volunteering at Food for Life, or the positive impact we’re having on the environment visit our volunteer section.

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